Ahhh... this is gonna be a little long story. I will write some other time!

About this site

At first I thought that this will be one of those site that contains amazing articles about tech and what not! But I quickly figured out that (1) I suck at writing (2) I don't know that much about "tech"!

So instead I will try to document here my learnings, problems I face, experiments I do, and fails. And few other stuffs too maybe.

About me

I'm a learner and programer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I work at CodersRank.io as a Full-stack Software Developer. There I develop microservices using Golang, do frontend using Vue.js, and deploy them in Docker Swarm.

Past work history includes:
- Pathao
- Ice9 Interactive
- Team Engine

I am on Twitter at https://twitter.com/leninhasda .  
My email address is leninhasda[AT]gmail[DOT]com