It's been a while since I started working as Software Engineer, where we tends to work with and learn all the latest cool technologies. So I thought it is really good time to go back to the Computer Science basics and revisit them. And Data Structures are the first thing that came in my mind. I decided to follow GeeksforGeeks as reference guide for reason:

  1. they have all the topics that I think I am going to cover
  2. their contents are really well organised
  3. they have lots of examples on topics

So I think it's a good place to start. Also I will be using some books as well because they are really good at explaining stuff. I have couple of options and haven't decided which to follow yet, so I will be listing that later.

And lastly, but very important, I will be using HackerRank and LeetCode platform to practice all the things that I cover.

Stay tuned and I will keep posting updates in here.