For around 4 years I have been using Ubuntu linux distro and I was very comfortable using it as my main working environment. But things changed, my laptop became old and it (and me as well) was no longer able to keep up with all the latest updates ubuntu was bringing every 6 months. I had to switching my machine. I had a PC with windows 10 running on it that my brother was using, I installed windows 10 on my laptop and switched it the PC.

Sweet! But... where the hell is my *nix environment!!! I didn't wanted to uninstall windows 10 cause it had steam and all the cool games I want to play (I am a big fan of Team Fortress 2 :D ). So I installed a Oracle VM, booted up a arch distro and voilĂ  I am on *nix again :D

I will be writing on how I installed arch linux on VM, the problems I faced during installation and ways that I used to get around it. There will be more on the arch environment as well.

For those who don't know - Arch is minimal linux distro that comes only with server like terminal interface. So you can and have to configure every single component that you want to use for it, for example: the window manager, the network manager and so on. It's not beginner friendly but it will give you lots of inside of linux internals.

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